Volume No. 11: Peluva

A new, lightweight, minimalist trainer for natural movement in the modern world.

What’s up fam!

Today we are highlighting Peluva ,a minimalist footwear with innovative design that integrates comfort, function, and style - so you can reclaim your natural movement and build a stronger, healthier body with every step.

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The Peluva® story begins with a pioneering vision to change the way the world walks, and a dream collaboration between Mark Sisson (Primal Kitchen founder) and his son, Kyle Sisson.

Through their own deep research and applied knowledge, Mark and Kyle have identified the greatest design challenge facing the minimalist shoe movement and taken it head on.

Over the last two and half years, they've charted a course for blue ocean by reimagining the concept of minimalist shoes, with the first-ever design to deliver all three crucial buying criteria: greater comfort, function and style. (More)

Letting Feet Be Feet

Modern footwear can undermine the evolutionary strengths of our amazing feet. Peluvas are designed for the most comfortable and natural movement experience.

There shoes consist of lightweight trainers, boots, loafers and slip-ons. (More)

Why Where Peluvas?

Wide: Individual toe boxes allow toes to splay fully and optimally

Flat: Zero Drop platform accommodates your natural weight distribution on hard surfaces

Thin: Special lower durometer EVA midsoles help soften hard, unnatural surfaces

Flexible: Glove-like fit allows a full range of toe articulation, with the entire outsole only placed at strategic wear points

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The Playbook’s Take

It’s no secret most shoes are not doing your feet any good. They keep you far from the ground, push your toes together, and do not support proper ankle/foot mobility.

I am a big fan of the Peluva Men’s Stand Lightweight Trainers.

Best For: Walking, hiking, urban trekking, cycling, and almost all gym workouts

They take some time to get used to but the future of natural movement is here.

Perfect for optimizing your movement to keep it natural, simple, and foundational.


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