Volume No. 4 : Athlete Mobility Training

The keys to athletic longevity and tools for recovery

What’s Happening Playbook fam!

Today we are highlighting the power of mobility training and an exciting tool to help with full body stretching, injury prevention, and more!

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Mobility Training Is An Athlete’s Secret Weapon

Mobility training enhances movement, reduces injury risk, and ensures your body operates at its peak during sports or workouts. (More)

It’s a myth that the more flexible you are the weaker you are. Mobility training complements your strength training.

Benefits Of Mobility Training In Athletic Performance
  • Enhanced Muscle Activation

  • Better Body Alignment

  • Smoother Movement Quality

  • Accelerated Recovery

See a prime example showcased in Patrick Mahomes’s routine with his trainer Bobby Stroupe from Daria Lucchesi.

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Athlete Essentials

Castle Flexx

This week we are excited to highlight Castle Flexx. CastleFlexx® is a patented stretching and strength tool that until now has only been available to pro-athletes.

Who’s Using CastleFlexx?
  • Athletes for Speed & Mobility

  • People with Chronic Pain or Injuries

  • Professional Sports Therapists

  • Yoga & Pilates Enthusiasts

  • Age 65 & up

  • Travelers

CastleFlexx® is a full body strengthening and stretching tool. This is the first device ever to use a dual purpose mobility bar allowing the user to get a full body workout while also using the bar to create a balanced and stress free upper body while stretching.


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