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  • Volume No. 9 : Flexpower Performance & Pain Relief Lotion

Volume No. 9 : Flexpower Performance & Pain Relief Lotion

Trusted by elite athletes for over 20 years, Flexpower offers highly effective muscle care, pain relief and recovery lotions

What’s up fam!

What do elite athletes use for muscle pain?

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Flexpower a new standard of muscle care that combines proactive muscle warm up with highly effective pain relief.

The Details

The original Flexpower Warm pain relief lotion used by elite athletes around the world provides scent-free, fast-acting, therapeutic muscle and joint pain relief.

The founder, Rasheen created Flexpower Warm to share a healthy, more natural pain relief solution with the high-level athletes he knew during his time in the athletic program at Cal Berkeley.

The anti-inflammatory formula can be used pre and post activity and works well to ease arthritis pain.

The Science

Warm’s heating sensation builds gradually for most people and can reheat with additional activity or in environments where body temperature rises such as with vigorous exercise or when in a hot shower or sauna

Warm pairs Trolamine Salicylate, a topical analgesic, with glucosamine and skin-nourishing moisturizers like Vitamin E. (more)

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Why We Love It

I have added the Flexpower Warm (2oz) to my pain relief routine. Huge fan of the scent-free and fast-acting features.

I squeeze about a quarter-size amount on each calf before a run. Easy and effective way to warm-up my muscles.


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