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Volume No. 2 : The Power Of Community and Nasal Breathing

Find your tribe, build amazing friendships, and shut your mouth! 🤐

Happy Sunday Playbook fam!

Today we are diving into community, nasal breathing, and one of my favorite brands I use everyday, Dream Recovery.

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Trend Spotting

The Power of Community

It’s no secret humans are inherently social beings that thrive on group interactions around common interests.

This is evident in the rapid popularity of running clubs, fitness communities, and wellness events.

Fitness, Fun, and Happiness: A few of our favorite groups to highlight are just the start of what’s to come the next decade.

alongside traditional powerhouses like Hydrox and Crossfit.

Strava's astounding growth, now boasting 95 million users, signifies the power of this ongoing movement.

I think the average consumer will continue to consume content as an omnivore because costs, location, and timing are always factors at play.

Today you can watch quick YouTube video of your favorite content creator, use a previously mentioned app like Ladder, or book a Barry's Bootcamp class..

Online vs IRL isn't the main focus, it's about feeling a part of something, holding each other accountable, and creating long lasting friendships.

Find your tribe 🦾


Nasal Breathing

The Versatility of Nasal Breathing: Nasal breathing is an incredible practice that can enhance conditioning outcomes, create focus and resilience in athletes, provide novelty to training, and even serve as an insight into the central nervous system.

The nose and its functions are a complex and wonderful system of interrelated miracles that neutralize toxins, contribute to pulmonary function, and guide the formation of the face and jaw through pressure modulation.

If you haven't heard of mouth taping yet, you will certainly see more articles and coverage in during rest of 2024. MSM (Main Stream Media) is always skeptical, late, and incorrect on a number of profound health remedies.

I've been using mouth tape while I sleep for the last 6 months and my WHOOP sleep + recovery scores have never been higher.

In partnership with Lifeforce

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Everything you need to take control of your health. They’ve already had 85% of members report improved quality of life within their first 3months. Learn what’s happening in your body and start living at your peak. 

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Brand Spotlight

Dream Recovery

This week, we are excited to highlight Dream Recovery. Founded by Todd Anderson, Dream Recovery focuses on enhancing sleep quality for optimal performance and health.

Good sleep or bad sleep should never be a roll of the dice. Their Dream Tape and Performance Silk Sleep Masks help you stay in Deep and REM sleep cycles longer.

Deep Sleep for healing and growth hormone production, and REM Sleep for mood, memory, and brain function enhancement.

Benefits of Nasal Breathing for Sleep: 

  • Reduced Snoring

  • Better Oxygen Intake

  • Enhanced Sleep Quality

  • Improved Mental Clarity

  • Enhanced Lung Function

  • Reduced Dry Mouth

  • Increased Focus

Creating New Habits: It takes anywhere from 30 to 254 days for humans to create a new habit. Embark on a journey to transform your sleep habits with their 1 Month, 3 Month, and 6 Month Dream Tape Packs

Discover the science behind better sleep and recovery, and experience the difference that comes from products designed with your well-being in mind.


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